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Herman and Naudia Green – a sneak peek.

Weddings are amazing things. I’ve said it before, but it always amazes me how people can let the world around them fall away and focus on the love of two people. It is an addictive environment that brings you in and cradles you for an evening. A celebration of the part of the human spirit that lives in the desire to be one with another. I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago to be the photographer for Naudia and Herman Green. They had a lovely wedding at THE Hotel at Arundel Preserve. It was a great affair full of love and laughter.

I am in the process of finishing their photos this week so I thought I would offer up my customary sneak peek at some of my favorite images from the day. A big thanks to Nikolai Roster for being my second photographer, providing some spectacular images, and putting out any random fire that might happen along. (long story).

I hope you enjoy the photos


Stephen and Lindsey Married – Northern Virginia Wedding Photography

Every wedding day is special…Every wedding I have photographed has spoken to me in some special way for some special reason. Sometimes it is the connection I have made with the bride or groom leading up to the wedding. Sometimes it’s a special venue. Sometimes the other vendors that I get to work with. And sometimes like this wedding I have a connection to the bride or groom outside of the parameter of the wedding event itself. I’ve written on this blog before about what this wedding would mean to me. (See here), so I won’t rehash it here. But suffice to say the event was every thing I thought it would be, even if it did rain on our parade a little.

Here are some images to give you a feel for the day. It was yet another great event to attend and record. My string of great events will continue into 2014. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Every wedding day has its own set of challenges.  There are just too many moving parts for the day to go off perfectly.  Just too many things that are completely out of your control.  And since we don’t live in southern California, the ultimate uncontrollable factor is the weather.  No matter what decision you make, planning a wedding a year in advance means that the weather on your wedding day will be a roll of the dice.  I watched the weather for Stephen and Lindsey for more that two weeks prior to their wedding.  I knew that early November in our area brought the possibility of rain but I hoped that their wedding day would be spared.  When it became evident to all that the weather was not going to cooperate, I expected to see some level of dejection from the wedding party. Thankfully I saw just the opposite!

dotun - March 8, 2015 - 12:34 am

Very nice wedding, well captured.

Working on the photos from the Keplinger Wedding

Ever since Grayson strolled into the picture about 9 months ago, blogging has been a little tough to get to.  We finally were able to settle down into a routine a couple of months ago but sleep is still at a premium.  I’m even typing this email at 1:00 a.m.   But I do want people to know what’s been going on so I plan to do a little blogging this weekend starting with this post.   I figure if I have a designated blogging time like Friday night after the kids are asleep, I may be able to get back to doing it more consistently……. We’ll see!!!!

I am in the midst of editing photos from the wedding of Ashley Freeman and John Keplinger.

John and Ashley Keplinger

You can probably expect to see photos in a couple of weeks because I have some other stuff I’m working on as well. Needless to say, it was an great wedding that was a lot of fun to shoot for yet another great couple. I’m on a pretty good streak in that category. Well I hope this message finds you well.

Peace and Love

Hennessey G

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